Smart Diary Suite

Smart Diary Suite 4.8

It is a customizable and flexible diary with a number of additional features

“Smart Diary Suite” is the kind of diary I was looking for when I was searching the Internet for a sort of tool that could organize my life. It is not just a diary where you write something, day after day. “Smart Diary Suite” is organized into categories that reflect the most important aspects of a person’s life. I like the fact that it is interactive. For example, the categories such as “Eat healthy” (Nutrition) or “Stay healthy” (medication) have information about good foods to eat, for example. I also like the graphs that show life quality of my every-day life.

The feature “Stay in touch” is designed to prevent you from forgetting about a friend’s birthday, so it prompts you the information in advance so that you don’t forget. “Express yourself” is a function that lets you record and playback voice memos in the diary. “Stay in touch” is a synonym for “Contacts” and “Be mobile” refers to the possibility of using a portable version of SDS directly off your USB/flash/memory stick drive anywhere. “Smart Diary Suite” is, no doubt, my favorite kind of diary and I will recommend it to all my friends.

Alex Vince
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